As McKinsey highlight, personalisation and targeted communications can add significant value for both retailers and consumers. Here, they share 5 vignettes that detail scenarios where value can be added in customer communications.  Tip – add real value or utility for your customers and don’t cross the creepy line!

What shoppers really want from personalized marketing

What customers want and what businesses think they want are often two different things. Here's what customers are looking for. Anyone who has gotten an unsolicited and irrelevant offer related to something they've done online knows that creepy feeling that someone is watching me.

Scott Galloway’s name is popping up everywhere as he completes a podcast tour to promote his new book – The Four: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Divided and Conquered the World. This interview with Barry Ritholtz is a great recap of the take aways from the book and his insights into the digital economy.

Scott Galloway Discusses Four World-Conquering Companies - Masters in Business

Scott Galloway Discusses Four World-Conquering Companies

Leading luxury brands are evoking emotion and using Instagram for visual storying telling and discovery. Instagram luxury global consumers (as defined by the platform) consume more content, like more content, post more photos and have more followers than the typical Instagram user.

Instagram and BOF have completed some good branded case studies detailing tactics such as shooting campaign content tailored specifically to Instagram’s user experience and using custom audiences to retarget and connect with followers. Check it out below or read the full Experience Luxury On Instagram report for more.

One to watch with interest as Instagram Shopping continues the global rollout for brands.

What Makes A Great Instagram Campaign?

By BoF Team October 31, 2017 05:25 Sponsored by: LONDON, United Kingdom - Instagram has established itself as a critical marketing channel for fashion and luxury brands. The mobile platform now has over 800 million monthly active accounts and has become what Luca Solca, head of luxury goods at Exane BNP Paribas, has called the "social media boxing ring" and "by far the most relevant social platform for luxury brands."

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. The always compelling Tim Harford highlights the challenges of forecasting the future impact of technology and ongoing innovation with some nice excerpts from his outstanding series 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy.

What We Get Wrong About Technology

Blade Runner (1982) is a magnificent film, but there's something odd about it. The heroine, Rachael, seems to be a beautiful young woman. In reality, she's a piece of technology - an organic robot designed by the Tyrell Corporation. She has a lifelike mind, imbued with memories extracted from a human being.

Whilst still a blip in the total online retail visitation figures, the online subscription category grew by 3,000% from 2013-16. Whilst this data is a little dated, I’d expect that the trend would have increased substantially due to the growth of Blue Apron, Hello Fresh et al. One for more traditional retailers to take note of and determine how product subscriptions can be relevant for their business.

Hitwise Analysis Shows Visits to Subscription Box Sites up 3,000% - Hitwise | Competitive Intelligence & Consumer Insights

A new consumer insights retail report found that visits to top subscription box sites have exploded by nearly 3,000 percent in the United States over the past three years. According to our Hitwise® data, there were more than 21.4 million visits made to a custom category of leading subscription box sites in January 2016, compared ...

Did humanity really need a $999 Internet connected tea diffuser? 

Internet-Connected Tea Infuser Teforia Shuts Down

It turns out being the "Juicero for tea" isn't a sustainable business model. Teforia, the $999 internet-connected tea infuser, has ceased operations, citing "a very difficult time for hardware companies in the smart kitchen space" in a statement on its website.