One of the most exciting announcements from Google's recent I/O developer conference was their Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP) division demonstrating Project Jacquard.

At its core, the technology is a conductive yarn that can be woven using existing industrial looms for mass-market apparel and upholstery. The created threads connect to circuitry (which will eventually be the size of a jacket button) that can react to gestures or whatever other 'quantified self' attributes  - such as heart rate - a designer might dream up.

Project Jacquard has the potential to make interactions more natural and seamless. Potentially a significantly better experience than Google's prior wearable flagship product - Google Glass. It should also enable manufacturing at scale to keep pricing low.

Everyday objects such as clothes, furniture, blankets or car seats could be transformed into interactive surfaces. Perhaps you'll be able to change your TV channel from your sofa cushion?  Google's first design partner is Levi Strauss & Co so it's likely we'll first see Project Jacquard appear in an interactive pair of jeans.

Project Jacquard will allow designers and developers to build connected, touch-sensitive textiles into their own products.
— Google ATAP