Topshop is again using social tools to drive customer awareness of fashion trends and make those trends instantly shoppable. They have continued their democratisation of London Fashion Week with their latest #LiveTrends campaign which brings the catwalk action to billboards across the UK.

Six billboards in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow presented the trends straight from the catwalk. Key trends were highlighted on the Topshop billboards as hashtags. Examples included #checks, #70s or #modernism, which allowed customers to tweet @Topshop and receive a curated online shopping list inspired by the trend. Topshop's eCommerce team had created merchandised looks ahead of time to allow them to respond instantly. All billboards were located within a ten-minute walk of Topshop for those not wanting to get their fashion fix online.

Topshop partnered with digital out of home provider Ocean Outdoor and Twitter for the live stream show, whilst Australian start-up Stackla provided the tools for social curation and aggregation.

The campaign appeared to generate positive results with an average 25% uplift across all featured trend categories (compared to the previous week). In particular, sales of the #moderism featured products were up 75% compared to the prior week.

Live advertising such as this is still in its infancy, but there are strong links with existing customer behaviour. One key takeaway is that customers are now double screening away from home (that is using a mobile or tablet device whilst consuming other media such as TV and now billboards). This will be a media consumption and interaction trend to watch.

See the campaign in action below:

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