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Google App Search Indexing


Google App Search Indexing

Google has recently overcome one of the big challenges for search engines - the ability to see and index content contained only within apps which have no web counterpart. 

Google started indexing the content from apps two years ago and now have over 100 billion deep links into apps in their index, including popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb and Pinterest. Google report that 40% of searches that people complete on Android devices surface app content.

The ability to present mobile app specific content becomes increasingly important for retailers like Indian based Flipkart who recently announced plans to remove the capability to purchase from their website and moved to an app only model. In line with the new functionality, Google provided an example of finding accommodation options in search results from the HotelTonight app.

To provide the ability to search app content, Google creates a virtual instance of the app, completes a real time search and returns relevant results to the user. In addition, users will also have the option to stream some apps that they don't have installed. For example, by clicking ‘Stream’ next to the HotelTonight app result, you’ll get a web based version of the app, so that you can quickly and easily find what you need and complete a booking, in just the same way as if you were in the app itself. The option to install the app is also prevalently featured.

Strategically, this is important for Google to continue to build their relevance as the mobile web evolves and ultimately benefits users by linking them to the most relevant information. It will be interesting to see how they continue to expand the list of supported apps including retail apps.

See the app results in action: 


Mary Meeker's 2015 Internet Trends Report


Mary Meeker's 2015 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker has just published the 20th version of her influential annual assessment of digital trends and the Internet economy. She has a history of recognising the biggest digital trends and identifying the most important start-ups.

Her Internet Trends 2015 presentation runs to 196 slides and is heavy with detail. Below is my tl;dr version with 17 key slides highlighting the relevant global trends.

You can view the full presentation below or download the PDF.


There is still significant upside for mobile advertising spend growth. Print continues to receive significant media spend relative to the number of eyeballs...


Mobile video viewing has provided an opportunity for different video orientations... (see snapchat, periscope and meerket)


Apparently men use pinterest too...


Visual media drives Internet usage for teens...


consumers now expect almost anything to be available just in time...


Cyber attacks grow in scale and awareness...


creative and knowledge based jobs continue to outpace routine and manual occupations...


The millennials have arrived as the largest generation in the Workforce - soon to be the generation with the highest purchasing power...


It's not all about money for millennials...


Opportunity for Incomes to be materially supplimented by additional income streams...


Tencent provides insight into the scale of hundreds of millions of chinese internet users...


India is rapidly entering the internet mainstream with over 200 Million internet users, growing over 37% last year...


The Indian market is already driving growth for global Internet Leaders...


Indian Internet use continues to be more mobilised than almost all other countries...


Design continues to heavily influence leading customer experiences...

You can view the full presentation below or download the PDF.


The Power Of Haul Shopping Videos


The Power Of Haul Shopping Videos

Haul videos are short product review videos posted online (generally to YouTube), predominantly by teens and young women espousing their adoration of recent fashion,  make-up and accessory purchases.

Haul and other shopping related content on YouTube has continued to explode with unboxing videos, product reviews and haul videos all increasing their importance in the shopper research process. Haul video views spike during key shopping periods and peak during the US holiday shopping season - primarily during Black Friday and Christmas.

The trend is clear:

  • Videos with “Haul” in the title have been watched more than 1.1 billion times on Youtube and views are up 170% year on year
  • People watched 5.6 million hours of haul videos this year alone.

This trend has seen the rise of a new generation of fashion influencers like Bethany Mota who is reportedly making half a million dollars annually and has 4.8 million YouTube subscribers (more than Lady Gaga)! There are also some great local examples of haul video success with Shoes of Prey seeing amazing results with a campaign they ran in 2010 with a 16 year old vlogger, Blair Fowler. Blair's video had over 450,000 views at the time and more than 90,000 comments (from people that were encouraged to visit the site, design shoes and write a description of the shoes for a competition). The outcome was that the video was the 5th most viewed video on YouTube for that day and contributed a massive spoke in traffic (although not instant conversions) for Shoes of Prey.

It's clear that video content isn't just being used for research ahead of time. Customers are also consuming video content whilst they’re in stores to help them make decisions. Google research has indicated that one in four shoppers say they've used YouTube to search specifically for a product they’re considering while in store.

Checkout how retailers are using video to drive site conversions for additional examples of video usage throughout the purchase process.


Exploiting Video In Your Content Strategy


Exploiting Video In Your Content Strategy

Earlier this month I presented at the October Interactive Minds event - Exploiting video in your content strategy. The event considered the role of video in a content strategy and how organisations are leveraging the opportunities that video provides.

Mark Blair from Brightcove and Farhad from Charger Studios presented some practical tips on how video can effectively be used throughout the various stages of a customer's journey as well as real-world video production techniques.

Douglas Nicol from The Works had a captivating presentation on the secret life of social video. For the last 4 years, The Works and UTS have been on a mission to discover the facts about how Australians use social media. It’s called the Datafication project, it takes large social media data sets and extracts factoids for your marketing pleasure. It’s definitely worthwhile checking out at 

I reviewed the landscape of shoppable and interactive videos as well as sharing Michael Hill's experience in driving sales and conversions through video. I also covered video as a key tenant of a content strategy and ensuring that video content production is commercially viable.

The team from 90 Seconds captured highlights of the action from the morning:

My personal highlight from the morning was an amazing brand story telling example from Guinness using video to present the society of elegant persons of the Congo...

You can view my presentation below (no audio):