We love to support charities and good causes with Australians donating over $2.5 billion every year. The latest figures from the Australian Tax Office show that Australians each give an average of $461 to charities annually.

There are several converging trends making the activity of raising donations more difficult including customers transitioning to cashless transactions and overall donation fatigue. Personally, I despair when I see the effort and cost that a number of charities incur in printing and distributing marketing collateral with debatable effectiveness. 

There is a real opportunity to streamline charity donations and make donating frictionless for consumers. Two of my favourite recent examples follow:

Common Pence - Donating Leftover STORED Value

Developed by a UK designer, Common Pence enables commuters to put their excess subway credit to good use by sending it to charity rather than it expiring or being returned to transport companies. The system is simple - commuters hold up their Oyster travel pass, contactless bank card or NFC enabled smartphone and make a small donation of GBP 0.50. Holding a travel card against the panel for an extended time will drain it of all leftover credit. Funds are delivered to a charity which is rotated every month. The Common Pence panels can be wall hung or even handheld to allow effective face to face fundraising.

SnapDonate - Donate By Scanning A Logo

SnapDonate wants to keep impulse giving alive in an increasingly cashless society and is making it easier to give by letting people donate to any charity by simply scanning the charity's logo whenever they see it. Using image recognition technology and a database of over 13,000 UK charity organisations, users can just point their smartphone camera at a charity logo, confirm the correct charity and pick a donation amount between GBP 2 and GBP 50 to automatically send the money. The service leverages their relationship with JustGiving to enable the donations and the app works even when offline.

Donating to a good cause is something that everyone feels good about. What other ways are there to make it easier for consumers to give their leftover change to good causes? What other industries could frictionless transactions be applied to?