I presented last week at Online Fashion Success in Auckland. The event was a one day leadership workshop for the online fashion industry - focusing on digital innovation that sells.

My presentation included a case study of Michael Hill's digital journey and global focus.  There were a range of great presentations along the theme of digital transformation in the fashion industry and a great case study from Superette founder James Rigden on his personal experience in connecting big ideas to customer requirements. 


One of the highlights was the first Asia Pacific live demonstration of the StyleShoots photo machine. The unique lighting and camera orientation means that deep etching and colour matching aren't required for product shots - saving significant time and cost. The system is used by fashion retailers like Forever21, BooHoo, Marks & Spencer and Macy's. Definitely worthwhile checking out if you complete fashion photography at scale.

The StyleShoots Photo Machine

The StyleShoots Photo Machine

See how Zolando leverage the StyleShoots system in their web asset production:

Another personal highlight was seeing a hype reel from ASOS highlighting their business achievements in late 2013 and early 2014 and confirming the scale at which they operate. Some of the mind boggling stats:

  • The ASOS production team now shoot over 3,000 products per week
  • They sell on average 2 womenswear items every second
  • ASOS now actively engages on 25 social platforms
  • In December 2013 alone they had 4,700 live chats for US and German customers and a total of half a million customer interactions
  • They have 1.53Million unique visitors per day to their sites and a total of 8.2Million active global customers

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