Have you ever had a package incorrectly delivered? Tried to find an address in Japan? Been unable to validate your address in an online form? It's time for a modern solution!

what3words is seeking to revolutionise location information and addressing with a simple and memorable solution. The UK startup has partitioned the whole planet into around 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares, and assigned each square a unique 3 word address. The solution removes the need for street numbers, street names or postcodes. The interface is amazingly simple and memorable - it's very easy to remember three little words.

what3words has been translated into multiple languages and has a really small file size (10MB for the details of the whole earth) so it can be used on basic devices without Internet connectivity and in the developing world.

The solution should reduce costs for online merchants by reducing redelivery fees and also opens up significant opportunities in developing countries where addressing standards have not yet been defined or for personalised services where increased location granularity is advantageous.

It even makes a great word disassociation game. Checkout:

See how what3words plans to address the world: