Consumers no longer go online, they live online... People are spending significantly longer online, however, that time is no longer made up of a few long sessions, it's now driven by short bursts of online activity. Previously idle moments like waiting for the bus, standing in line or sitting through TV commercials are now filled with digital engagements. The customer journey has changed into hundreds of what Google defines as 'intent-driven micro-moments' with each one an opportunity for brands to shape customer decisions.

Google recently quantified this through their Consumers in the Micro-Moment research, which identified:

  • 80% of Australians say they now access the Internet more often, but in shorter bursts
  • 81% of Australians say their smartphone searches are more focused on the information that they need immediately (like finding store locations, choosing where to eat or finding directions), compared to their desktop searches
  • 95% of users will turn to their smartphone for immediate information, ideas or advice
  • 71% of people who used their smartphone to search whilst instore trust online reviews more than the word of the sales person

Digital commerce provider Demandware recently highlighted a similar trend in their shopping index which measures digital commerce growth and is based on analysis of the shopping activity of over 200 million shoppers across 1,300 websites worldwide generating billions of dollars in revenue. They identified that phones are the driving force of digital commerce growth and shoppers are doing more than just browsing via their mobile - phones accounted for 94% of the year-over-year increase in traffic, 74% of the growth in items added to an online shopping bag and 47% of order growth.

They also identified the trend towards consumers engaging in short bursts of activity - the index shows that duration of shopping visits on mobile devices decreased 37%, whilst cross device shopping increased 10% between Q2 2014 and Q2 2105. 

This presents a number of opportunities for marketers:

  • Create a connected strategy for cross device shopping and allow shoppers to pick up where their previous ‘micro-moment’ left off
  • Tailor your customer journey to meet consumer’s 'I want to know', 'I want to do' and 'I want to buy' moments - either via products of services that provide customer utility or via content that answers their questions
  • Use personalisation on key customer touchpoints such as email or websites to accelerate the customer journey deep into their shopping experience

In short, mobile devices are changing the way we do things and where we do them.

Learn more via Demandware’s Shopping Index or Google’s Micro Moments research.

Consumers no longer go online, they live online...