Earlier this month I presented at the October Interactive Minds event - Exploiting video in your content strategy. The event considered the role of video in a content strategy and how organisations are leveraging the opportunities that video provides.

Mark Blair from Brightcove and Farhad from Charger Studios presented some practical tips on how video can effectively be used throughout the various stages of a customer's journey as well as real-world video production techniques.

Douglas Nicol from The Works had a captivating presentation on the secret life of social video. For the last 4 years, The Works and UTS have been on a mission to discover the facts about how Australians use social media. It’s called the Datafication project, it takes large social media data sets and extracts factoids for your marketing pleasure. It’s definitely worthwhile checking out at  www.datafication.com.au 

I reviewed the landscape of shoppable and interactive videos as well as sharing Michael Hill's experience in driving sales and conversions through video. I also covered video as a key tenant of a content strategy and ensuring that video content production is commercially viable.

The team from 90 Seconds captured highlights of the action from the morning:

My personal highlight from the morning was an amazing brand story telling example from Guinness using video to present the society of elegant persons of the Congo...

You can view my presentation below (no audio):