Crosschannel, multichannel, omnichannel... Confused?

There has been significant change in how retailers interact with customers over the past 5 years. Historically, the trend was driven by an internal channel centric view of how organisations can sell. Ultimately, the retailers and solutions that will win will have the customer and the customer experience at the heart of the solution and be driven through customer choice.

The online retail landscape will continue to evolve to deliver this customer focus. I’ve provided 4 presentations below that highlight some of these omnichannel retail trends.

Teradata & Retail Touchpoints

Provides metrics and insights around omnichannel marketing approaches. Importantly, they highlight that success is no longer defined by how you want to sell, but by how customers want to buy. 


Provides a summary of trends and case study examples of the omnichannel approach building a seamless customer experience. The most relevant aspect for me is that customer journeys are becoming dynamic, accessible and continuous (they can start and stop at multiple points in the journey. 

Sapient Nitro

Examples of omnichannel leadership from Madonna, Martha Stewart and Arriana Huffington. These leading ladies executed the required concepts before the term omnichannel existed.


Propane Studio

Provides a good summary of how current trends such as personalisation impact different retailers and provide example executions.